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1 down and 2 to go!

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I never thought this day would come. *squeeeel*
See many of you tonight!

If you want to bring anything, then bring whatever you desire.

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Nothing like watching a tv show that had a scene of graduation and having the water works flow. It's a happy cry and damn I am soo excited that I am getting overly emotional. I really can't believe it's almost here. I am fucking graduating!!! I guarantee that I will cry my eyes out when my name is called at the ceremony.

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I passed my remediation!!! YAY YAY YAY! That is one HUGE stress that is now over. I shall celebrate tonight and continue to cross things off my requirements list for graduation. Did I mention I bought a dress? Now I want new shoes.

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I can't believe that I only have 4 actual class days left. Then it's finals. It's getting down to the end of things and I am slowly wrapping things up. Today is my last day of remediation for my clinic shift from last quarter. All will go well today and my clinic shift will convert to passing! That will be one more thing that is over that I will have overcome. My confidence is coming back and I am feeling better. Right now I am enjoying playing on the laptop while in class listening to a boring ass lecture. I am getting some anxiety about starting a business, but I will deal with that anxiety when I finish taking boards.

16 days left of school!
20 days left till Graduation!

Don't forget, if you want to come to graduation and/or my party its on the 25th. The party will be all day starting after graduation till whenever. I will post my address and stuff later if anyone needs it.

YAY YAY YAY!!!http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml

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I keep trying to post something I wrote about my school, but lj won't let me. I will say:

24 days till graduation!
20 days till school is over!

Edit! LJ is a bastard!
It won't post what I wrote. Once I delete it and write something else, it posts. BASTARDS I SAY! Doesn't everyone want to read about tributes to cadavers?

Ok, I give up. No one gets to read my nostalgic post.

Wish list

Jun. 1st, 2007 04:17 pm
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Anyone have $500 they don't need and want to buy me a present? ;)

I am working on my budget and will have these by the time I open shop!

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Today is supposed to be my day off. I have done nothing but marketing homework. At least I got semi caught up on stuff that was due today. Sadly, I still have much more to do by Tuesday. Hopefully, I will still be able to enjoy my 4 day weekend.

I am going to take Kaia to folk life this weekend. Not sure when or where, but damn it we are going.

4 weeks to go!!!

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I would love some input, opinions, what ever you got. I am working on putting together a business plan. I am currently working on marketing and all that fun self starter stuff. I know not all of you are interested in receiving acupuncture, but pretend you are. If you were looking for a practitioner, what would you look for? How far would you travel? How much would you be willing to pay? Say, I charged $70 an hour for acupuncture (first office call is 2 hours so $140) and $65 and hour for massage.

I need to come up with strategies about getting patients while still making money. I am trying to find my niche and things I can do to bring in clients. I am trying to look at options instead of being just another practitioner. Sadly, I know what I want, but money will always play a role. One of these days I will get exactly how I want things.

So far I have:
services of acupuncture and massage
evening hours
kid friendly (will have some toys if kids need to come)

Depending on how things go, I might have one day of a cheaper rate of services for lower income people. I might also offer a discount for referrals. After one year of practice, I will work on taking insurance.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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In exactly 12 weeks, I will be walking across the stage to get a fake degree. Well the real one will come weeks later, but that is besides the point. Today was my first day of my last quarter. It hit me today. Each day, each week is a step closer to my goal. I only have to survive 11 more weeks then it is over. I will have a lot of work to do with classes and a whole fuck ton of clinic stuff to do. Then it's over. I was trying to add up my clinic hours and contacts today and I am a tad behind. I can catch up, I am just going to have to kick ass this quarter. I want to go out with a bang. Let the countdown begin. :)

I am also taking a class this weekend that deals with facial rejuvenation. I can help get rid of wrinkles with acupuncture and no chemicals. Hopefully this will make me more employable. I have heard great things about this class. I just hope that I am not too hungover Saturday morning.
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I just found out that my Acupuncture board exams will cost me $1200. Hot damn. I was thinking they were like $800. Still expensive, but fuck. I might not be able to take them when I want to now. It's also 4 exams. This is going to be an intense couple of months. Baby steps. I only have 5 more months of classes and my boards left. I can do this. I will probably become a huge hermit until I am done with boards. That of course all depends on when I sign up to take them. June 25th here I come!
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My school is once again doing the haunted trails to help the acupuncture students go to China. Sadly, I am not one of those students. On Friday the 13th, I plan on going through then going on with my plans for the evening. It starts at 7 pm and costs $10 or $9 with a can of food.

I have gone the last couple years and love it. It's in the woods at my school and lots of fun.

Anyone wanna join me? Please don't let me go alone. I get scared. I want to be there by 7 latest.

If you can't go then and wanna go here's the info:
Oct 13th and 14th and 20th and 21st from 7-10pm. Ages 8 and up. On both Saturdays they are having a kid friendly version for the kids under 7 that won't be as scary. They will also be adding fun stuff to do instead of waiting in a boring ol line.


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