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turtlegrrl ([personal profile] turtlegrrl) wrote2007-11-12 07:49 pm
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Massagey stuff

I need to get me one of these or something similar. I like the idea of house calls and really don't mind them. However, I don't particularly like the carrying of the table.

I'm also looking into buying hot stones. I did a few hot stone massages and really liked giving it. I could so easy spend lots of money on nifty massage and acupuncture stuff. I plan on hopefully getting something by Christmas. I want to give my mom a hot stone massage as a present.

Speaking of Christmas, I can get together some gift certificates if anyone is interested.

I know have official space which sadly means a rate increase. I am going to remain an independent contractor so it's all on me. If we already had an arrangement for a price, I will honor that. No problem at all. However, newbies will get charged the new rate. I'm still up for barter, trade what have you.
These are my new rates:

60 min ~ $70
90 min ~ $100

Foot Reflexology
60 min ~ $70

First visit ~ $120
Return visits ~ $80

Please add $10 for house calls.

My new location is 3316 NE 125th St. It's 1 1/2 blocks from Lake City Way.

I'm soo excited for all these new changes!!!

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